About ESA Heroes

ESA Heroes App

ESA Heroes is an educational app that combines new technologies with satellite data. Created for children, it offers engaging experiences where users can delve into the secrets of satellites and learn about climate change. The app encourages daily actions for our planet and enhances the learning process in schools through the use of augmented reality components. ESA Heroes can serve as a tool for primary school teachers to familiarise their students with climate change issues.

The tool is completely free and available under an educational license.

The "ESA Heroes" project was created by a group of students during the Creative Campus as part of the Direction Earth/Space – an initiative of the European Space Agency, organised in partnership with the European Youth Capital – Lublin 2023 and the City of Lublin.


Download the ESA Heroes app, which transforms learning into an adventure, making the process of acquiring knowledge exciting and enjoyable. In the app, you will find tasks inspired by the four elements. Each task is accompanied by a short educational resource presenting a specific climate issue, using satellite images. What is more, thanks to augmented reality technology you will take part in an immersive audiovisual experience. Sounds interesting? Let's get started!

Teacher's Package

Dear Teacher, we are delighted that environmental issues are important to you, and we hope that with ESA Heroes, you will be able to make them interesting also for your students. We have prepared a special guide that will help you conduct lessons using the application. Inside, you will find among others: lesson scenarios, worksheets for students, satellite data visualisations, articles and videos that will help you prepare your lesson.