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ESA Academy Experiments

Watch the videos explaining ISS platforms and general topics on systems engineering and project management.

Success stories from ESA Academy (PETRI experiments)

Read about successful projects taking part in ESA Academy PETRI contest

Biolab facility at ISS

Lear about Biolab supporting biological experiments on ISS

Stu­dent ex­per­i­ments on their way to the ISS

Description of 4 student experiments built for EUR 20,000 each, to operate for 30 days on board the ISS.

Research on the ISS to improve the effects of cancer drugs

Read case studies on the use of research on the ISS

Improving consumer household products

A case study of research conducted on board the ISS by P&G to improve its products for the consumer market

Oxford students successfully send an experiment into space

Read about the experiment of Oxford students examining ferromagnetic liquids in weightless conditions

A virtual tour into the interior of the ISS

Take a look inside the station

An interactive map showing live ISS flyby locations

Check where the International Space Station (ISS) and many other satellites are located

Browse the archive of articles on npj Microgravity

Scientific journal about research in microgravity. The source of inspiration for many student experiments. A must-have for creating a bibliography for yours experiments

Scientific Research on ISS

Check the scientific research conducted on the ISS over the past 20 years

ICE Cubes

Read about one of the platforms supporting ISS experiment realization


Read about another platform supporting ISS experiment realization