Urban stress


Urban environment – temperature – pollution – noise – smart/green cities – wellbeing

Big cities stressing you out? Well, you are not alone!

There is even a scientific name for this feeling – “urban stress.” It is a state in which your body and mind experience tension due to physical, chemical, or emotional factors lurking on every corner of the city. Noise, pollution, rising temperatures, and overexposure are just a few of the daily issues that urban residents face. With increasing urbanisation and climate changes, it is hard to imagine what future generations living in cities will have to deal with.

During this track multidisciplinary team develop new ideas for utilising Earth observation data to better understand and address the challenges of urban stress. Their project combined science, technology, art and design.

While cities are attempting to address this problem in a top-down manner by implementing sustainable solutions for infrastructure and services, residents are also trying to combat urban stress through grassroots movements. This path of our Creative Campus was designed not only for die-hard urban activists but for anyone who wants to live in a stress-free city.


How can satellite data be used to better understand and tackle urban stress ?

How, as individuals, can we comprehend and relate to big data collection systems, including Earth observation data?

What can we gain from looking at cities from a different space-enabled perspective?

With the help of satellite data, how can we create solutions to reduce the effects and eliminate the causes of urban stress?

Potential outcome

Concept of an interdisciplinary artistic project related to urban environment and development of cities based on EO data combining science, technology, art, humanities and design.



  • Open call

    29 May – 25 June

  • Online onboarding

    (3 online meetings )

    17-19 July, 6:00-8:00 pm

  • Online design sprint 1

    (3 online meetings )

    16-18 August, 5:30-8:00 pm

  • Online design sprint 2

    (3 online meetings )

    4-6 September, 5:30-8:00 pm

  • Onsite design sprint 3

    (full-day workshops)

    18-22 September, Lublin